Extremely Dangerous Women of Wrestling                         2 hr DVD Master


  • It's not just a man's world anymore!  Move aside DIVAS and get ready to meet the DANGEROUS WOMEN OF WRESTLING!  Anything goes and only the most hardcore will survive these brutal battles. The most EXTREME wars from the history of the DWOW are all here including catfights, weapons matches, steel cages, a dysfunctional delight match, and much more plus a Dangerous Women of Wrestling World Title defense as DWOW Champion G.I. Hoe defends her belt against Elle Mae.  See why these queens of hardcore have developed a cult-like following from the throngs of fans who have witnessed the insanity live! Featuring Alexis Laree (WWE's Mickie James), The Gorgeous One... George, Bobcat, Jazz, Tai "Killer" Wee and more!
    • A Wrestling Match
      Alexis Laree vs. Lady Storm w/The Smoke
    • Dysfunctional Cripple Fight Delight Match:
      Chick Diesel w/Special Ed vs. American Cream Pie w/Lucky The Cripple Guy
    • DWOW World Title Match:
      Elle Mae w/Soundguy vs. G.I. Ho w/The Smoke
    • Battle of the Superstars:
      Bobcat vs. Jazz
    • Topless Brawl:
      Tai "Killer" Weed vs. Dawn Mae
    • Weapons Match:
      Candie vs. Tara
    • Missile on a Pole Match:
      G.I. Ho vs. Kristy Kiss vs. Angel vs. The Soundguy
    • After School Fight:
      Brittney the School Girl vs. Dawn Mae w/Soundguy
    • Weapons Match:
      Tai "Killer" Weed vs. Pussy Willow w/The Gorgeous One... George as Referee
    • Catfight:
      Missy the School Girl vs. Britney the School Girl
    • Oil Wrestling Match:
      G.I. Ho vs. American Cream Pie
    • A Quickie:
      Lady Storm vs. Jeanie Mae w/Elle & Daisy
    • Extreme Psycho Warfare:
      Tai "Killer" Weed vs. Psycho Bitch
    • Inter-Gender Hardcore Match:
      G.I. Ho vs. The Soundguy
    • Ref Dances:
      Featuring Isis, Ginger, Mimi and BJ
  • Also starring the best announce team in professional wrestling: Eric Gargiulo and Jeffrey J. James.
  • Interactive Menus
  • Promo Montages
  • Never before seen backstage and on the road footage
  • Out-takes
  • Preview trailers
  • and more!

Tape number and title               Matches                                           Time                 Grade

DWOW DVD ''Evolution of the Ho: Best of G.I. Ho''       2 hr   DVD MASTER


  • DWOW DVD "Evolution of the Ho: Best of G.I. Ho"
    Watch a small town stripper transform into wrestlings HARDCORE HO! This DVD captures ALL the key moments of this supersensation now known as G.I. HO! From her debut as AMBER, to her name change KIT KROTCH, to the short lived ANNE T. KHRIST, to her incredible launch into stardom as G.I. HO! See her dance, strip, pose and yes WRESTLE (oil & regular) all on one DVD. This is only the beginning in a series of historic DVDs starring the one and ONLY HARDCORE HO! Catch all the action from her amazing battles in the trenches with tables, chairs, ladders and oil!
  • G.I. HO debuts as AMBER in an Oil Match and Catfight w/G-NOTE
  • G.I. HO as KIT KROTCH faces her arch enemy ELLE MAE
  • G.I. HO in the most controversial, shortest lived gimmick ever as ANNE T. KHRIST takes on TAI, then Catfights with referee
  • G.I. HO makers her actual debut against TAI WEED and performs the 20-ft. balcony jump that had everyone talking
  • G.I. HOs Oil Wrestling matches are classic and must be seen! This one is with TAI and BRITTNEY and ends with all three kissing
  • G.I. HO debuts on TV in front of 20,000 people vs. JEANIE MAE
  • G.I. HO in a 5-Way Dance with ELLIE MAE, 2 former WWE Midgets and 1 wanna be WWE Superstar

Tape number and title               Matches                                           Time                 Grade

 DWOW DVD ''School Is In: Best Of Brittney The Schoolgirl''       2 hr   DVD MASTER


  • DWOW DVD "School Is In: Best Of Brittney The Schoolgirl"
    "School Is In" is a best of compilation of The Dangerous Women of Wrestlings Brittney "The Schoolgirl." Brittney shows everyone that even though she may be small, she can get the job done in and out of the ring. This DVD documents Brittneys wrestling career from the very begining. It stars with the night that Brittney stepped out of the crowd and into the ring and soon after found herself in a thong, wrestling against G.I. Ho and Tai "Killer" Weed.
    From the very beginning Brittney "The Schoolgirl" was an instant hit with all the fans, being blonde and pretty didnt hurt either. This sweet, innocent girl next door finds herself taking major tests and doing homework during the day and wrestling in the evening for The Dangerous Women of Wrestling. Check out one of the HOTTEST schoolgirls ever... Brittney The Schoolgirl!
  • Brittney steps into the ring as a manager for Babydoll
  • Brittney wrestlers her first tag team match against G.I. Ho and Tai Weed
  • Brittneys marquee feud was started on her first official night against Playboy College Co-ed Heather Faith
  • Brittney vs. Heather Faith in Oil
  • Brittney oil wrestles Tai
  • Brittney actually tries to wrestle Daisey Mae
  • See Brittney film Promo Angels for TV
  • Rare Never Released Before Footage: Brittney vs. G.I. Ho in Oil
  • Brittney vs. Heather Faith in a Wet T-Shirt Contest


Tape number and title               Matches                                           Time                 Grade

DWOW Hot Tub Invasion”“The Naked Dangerous Women of Wrestling” 2 hr


  • This release includes two DVD releases from DWOW which include “Hot Tub Invasion” & “The Naked Dangerous Women of Wrestling”
    Must be 18 to order. Contains nudity and adult content.
    DWOW DVD “The Naked Dangerous Women of Wrestling”
    You wanted the puppies… and we give them to you on this video, “The Naked Dangerous Women of Wrestling.” This video gives the fans what they really want to see. These videos contains some of the hottest Women in Professional Wrestling as they bare their flesh and reveal their most intimate of body parts. This video contains a lot of upper body nude shots and contains some voyeuristic cinema as one of the girls is caught on tape adjusting her bottoms and reveals her lower region. While the women on this tape are not fully nude, there are plenty of outrageous shots throughout to keep you entertained. Picture yourself at a wrestling event… you cheer on the entertainers in the ring and try to coheres them into removing their clothing… they finally do! Would you be more than happy? We think so! We feature three of our hottest Women, plus a bonus girl. Check out Referee / Oil Wrestler Mimi as this Latin mommy heats up your screen with only the way she knows how. Then the wildest chick in Pro Wrestling (Tai “Killer” Weed) screams, yells and gets crazy topless for your viewing pleasure. This tape closes out with the Ultimate Hardcore American Here-Ho G.I. Ho and her sexy in ring antics that make her so popular. Check out Tai and G.I. Ho as they get it on in a “Cherry Toppings” match up, which is downright pleasantly disgusting. This tape will have you wanting more naked fun with The Dangerous Women of Wrestling.
    DWOW DVD “Hot Tub Invasion”
    The Dangerous Women of Wrestling know how to entertain, in and out of the ring. This video is your invitation to a V.I.P. Hot Tub Party with the most Dangerous Women in all of Professional Wrestling ever! This is not a video showing people relaxing in a bubbly Hot Tub sipping wine, but in fact a total free fall party, as everyone is thrown into the Hot Tub in either a thong and t-shirt or even fully clothed. Watch out cause the water went everywhere. Free thongs and T-shirts were given out throughout the taping of this video for women who didn’t come prepared to show their stuff in the tub. Water and white t-shirts equal a GOOD TIME! Words can’t explain or describe all the mayhem and hot chicks!


Tape number and title               Matches                    Time                 Grade

DWOW Naked Oil Wrestling Vol. 1                                1hr             DVD_master


  • Originally only available on VHS video.   Now for the first time ever NAKED OIL WRESTLING V.1 is released only as a LIMITED EDITION DVD, direct from the digital masters.

  • All we can say about this release is that you will enjoy 6 Hot Chicks wrestling in Oil in 3 fully nude wrestling matches.


Tape number and title               Matches                    Time                 Grade

DWOW Naked Oil Wrestling Vol.2                                1hr             DVD_master


  • Originally only available on VHS video.   Now for the first time ever NAKED OIL WRESTLING V.2 is released only as a LIMITED EDITION DVD, direct from the digital masters.

  • V.2 Naked Oil Wrestling is even better than Volume 1 as it features The Original G.I. HO fully nude, oil wrestling!!!!  Plus check out 3 other Hot Chicks roll around in Oil... wrestling!

Regular Show

Dangerous Women: New Years Rezzho Lution Fan Cam    2 hr DVD master


  • Bizarre Love Triangle Match
    Candie vs. Angela vs. Cris The Cross Dresser with Tara as special guest referee

  • All U Can Eat Buffet Tag Team Title Match
    Cristol & Liz Savage w/Hoberto vs. The Maez (Elle, Dawn, Poppa, Davey)

  • Sushi, Pasta, Some Tables and Ladder Match
    Sumie Sakai vs. Angel Orsini (aka Riptide/Prodigette)

  • Lucky the Cripple Guy, Pryme Tyme Amy Lee promo

  • The Most Dysfunction Women's World Title Match Ever!
    Pryme Tyme Amy Lee vs. The Blue Meanie

  • Also included is bonus footage from the opening of the event, including some footage of Lacey vs. Ranmaru.  This match is not included in its entirety due to technical diffuculty.

Dangerous Women: Just Another Battle                    2 HR DVD MASTER


  • THE battle raged on as "Just Another Battle" was not just another battle! The Ho's came out on top of "The Ho Haters" in a 6 way anything goes weapons match but this was no "Battle of Gettysburg!"
  • Also included a shaving cream and oil match featuring the multi-talented G.I. Ho!

  • Bob Artese Ring Announcer

  • Becky Bayless & Eric Gargiulo

  • Casey Dancer, Ho Haters promo

  • Dawn Mae w/Davey vs. Baby Phat

  • Lady Storm w/The Smoke vs. Simply Luscious

  • Casey ring dance, Ho Haters promo

  • Lucky "The Cripple Guy" promo
  • Missy "The School Girl" vs. Brittney "The Owner"

  • Missy, Tai "Killer" Weed & G.I. Ho vs. Lady Storm, The Smoke & The Sound Guy

  • Shaving Cream Match - G.I. Ho vs. Tai Weed vs. girl from the crowd

  • Oil Match - G.I. Ho vs. Casey

Dangerous Women: Chesterville Mayhem          2hr dvd master


  • hot chicks wrestling... action packed... standing room only is what you get here on Chesterville Mayhem. From the beginning to the end, the girls had the crowd on hand eating out of their hands and bra tops! Witness the first balcony jump of Missy "The School Girl," the exotic Isis in a rare moment where she flashes the crowd and watch G.I. Ho almost kill herself on a ladder in a match against his arch rival Lady Storm.

  • Isis and Carlotta ref dance, announcers

  • Dance-off Casey vs. Dawn Mae w/Poppa Mae

  • Sinnamin vs. Davey Mae

  • Sound Guy & Smoke promo

  • Mimi ref dance

  • Missy "The School Girl" balcony jump

  • Missy vs. Brittney "The School Girl"

  • Candie promo 

    Smoke & Sound Guy vs. Tai & Psycho Bytch

  • Amy Lee w/Special Ed vs. Alexis Laree w/Candie

  • Carlotta ref dance

  • Poppa Mae vs. Missy "The School Girl"

  • Isis ref dance

  • Ladder Match - Lady Storm vs. G.I. Ho

  • Shaving Cream Match - Carlotta vs. Tai

  • Oil Match - Sinnamin vs. Casey

  • Oil Match - Isis vs. G.I. Ho

Dangerous Women: A Night at the Cellblock     2HR DVD MASTER


  • What  do you get when you put a bunch of dysfunction women, a wrestling ring, and a haunted defunct prison cellblock together for one night? One crazy wrestling event!
  • Check out all the action as WWE Tough Enough contestant Greg Matthews takes on Sinnamin and winds up squaring off against the Women's World Champion G.I. Ho! Included in the action is a battle of school girls as Missy goes through the whip cream kissing American Cream Pie and then faces her rival Brittney in a catfight. The Maes bring their girth and mayhem as they take on Alexis Laree (WWE's Mickie James) and then start a locker room clearing brawl.  Also included on this release is an Oil Wrestling and Shaving Cream Match.

  • Isis ref dance, Sound Guy promo

  • J-Low ref dance

  • American Cream Pie vs. Missy "The School Girl"

  • School Girl Catfight - Missy vs. Brittney

  • Isis ref dance

  • Davey Mae w/Poppa Mae vs. Alexis Laree

  • Casey vs. Dawn Mae w/Poppa Mae

  • Locker room clearing brawl

  • Oil Match - Casey vs. Missy "The School Girl"

  • Shaving Cream Match - G.I. Ho vs. Tai "Killer" Weed vs. Brittney

  • WWE Tough Enough Greg Matthews vs. Sinnamin

Dangerous Women: A Night of Dysfunction               2 HR DVD Master

DVD -1303

  • Some  would never believe that the pro wrestler named Amanda Storm would work for this company, let alone act the way she acted or did what she did on this night. This video proves it. This night is also legendary as "The Cripple Fight" made its debut in pro wrestling, along with the kissing bandit American Cream Pie and the devastating Chick Diesel. This footage also documents another beating taken by G.I. Ho and shows why she really is the "Hardcore Ho." As a bonus we have thrown in the mayhem of a "Shaving Cream Match" and an "Oil Match." Plus see Alexis Laree in action (WWE's Mickie James).

  • Isis ref dance, Brittney "The School Girl" & The Sound Guy

  • Amanda Storm, Battle of the School Girls

  • Brittney vs. Amada

  • Sinnamin vs. Amanda Storm

  • Isis ref dance

  • Davey Mae w/Poppa Mae vs. Alexis Laree

  • Chick Diesel w/Special Ed vs. American Cream Pie w/Lucky "The Cripple Guy"

  • Cripple Fight - Special Ed vs. Lucky "The Cripple Guy

  • Isis ref dance, Tara promo

  • Candie vs. BJ

  • Sound Guy promo, Amanda Storm promo

  • Women's World Title Match - Hardcore Rules
    Amanda Storm vs. G.I. Ho vs. Tai "Killer" Weed

  • Shaving Cream Match - Brittney "The School Girl" vs. Sinnamin vs. Tai Weed
  • Oil Match - American Cream Pie vs. Isis vs. G.I. Ho

Dangerous Women: Down and Dirty      2 hr DVD MASTER


  • THE Dangerous Women of Wrestling get "Down and Dirty" in Dover, DE for another outrageous women's wrestling event involving strippers, a biker chick, wrestlers, cripples, school girls, tables, light bulbs and fire! Includes WWE's Micke James (Alexis Laree).

  • Mimi ref dance

  • Pryme Tyme Amy Lee vs. Davey Mae

  • Tara & Alexis Laree promo

  • Marcos Flaymer intro

  • Sinnamin promo boyfriend angle

  • Sinnamin vs. Candie vs. Poppa Mae

  • Missy "The School Girl" debut

  • Lucky "The Cripple Guy" / Dirty deeds angle

  • Tara vs. Alexis Laree

  • Sound Guy promo

  • Tables, Lightbulbs & Fire Match - Sound Guy vs. G.I. Ho

  • Oil Match - Missy "The School Girl" vs. Mimi

  • Oil Match - Sinnamin vs. G.I. Ho and a girl from the crowd!

  • Oil Match - Mimi vs. girl from the crowd


Dangerous Women: A Night of Hos      2 hR dvd MASTER




  • G.I. Ho proves again she's hardcore!

  • This event ends with an orgy of oil wrestling as Mimi, Brittney, G.I. Ho, and Sinnamin and a few chicks from the audience even get into the action!

  • mimi ref dance, BJ beats down Mimi

  • Trinity H. Campbell vs. Candice

  • Tara vs. Talia

  • Tara promo, Marcos Flaymer

  • Sinnamin vs. Brittney "The School Girl"

  • Tara vs. Candie

  • Mimi replay BJ, Mimi ref dance

  • Lucky "The Cripple Guy" promo

  • Sound Guy promo

  • The Sound Guy vs. American Cream Pie

  • The Sound Guy vs. G.I. Ho

  • Oil Match - Brittney vs. Mimi

  • Oil Match - American Cream Pie vs. G.I. Ho

  • Oil Match - ACP, G.I. Ho, Mimi and chicks from the crowd