Tape number and title                                                 Matches                                           Time                 Grade

GLOOW Nov. 16, 2002  Hovember to Remember 2002                3 hr 30 Smartmark Master

DVD women 083


  • November to Remember event which in total features 12 matches
  • GLOOW Dancers
  • Thalia vs. Mercedes
  • Pussy Willow vs. Persephone
  • Special Ed vs. Lucky
  • Sinnamon vs. Lady Storm
  • Candie vs. BJ
  • Davey & Dawn Mae vs. Psycho Bitch & Tai Weed vs. Little Louie & King Sleazy
  • Oil Match - Kasey vs. American Cream Pie
  • Persephone vs. Psycho Bitch
  • Weapons Match - Amy Lee vs. Riptide
  • Missy the School Girl vs. Brittney the School Girl
  • Greg Matthews vs. GI Ho
  • The Smoke & Steve the Soundguy vs. Mae Young & The Fabulous Moolah

Tape number and title                                                 Matches                                           Time                 Grade

Gloow TV Taping (see the most disfunctionnal Women of wrestling)                         4hr                     TV Taping

DVD women 084

  • Kasey vs Dawn Mae w/ Big Poppa Mae

  • Sinnamon vs Little Davey Mae

  • Referee Dance with Mimi

  • Brittney the School Girl vs Missy the School Girl

  • Interview with Candie

  • Tai "Killer" Weed & Psycho Bitch vs The Smoke & Steve the Sound Guy - Street Fight

  • Alexis Laree w/ Candie vs "Primetime" Amy Lee w/ Brent - Referee: Tara

  • Missy the School Girl vs Big Poppa Mae

  • GI Ho vs Lady Storm - Ladder Match

  • Carlotta vs Tai - Shaving Cream Match

  • Kasey vs Sinnamon - Oil Match

  • Isis vs GI Ho - Oil Match