Pro Wrestling This Week

Pro Wrestling This Week



Pro Wrestling This Week 11/8/86   1hr  DVD


  • Pro Wrestling This Week 11/8/86
  • magnum TA update
  • Bruiser Brody vs. Abdullah (Cotton Bowl- Cage) (WCCW)
  • WCCW Ring Report
  • Interview- Kevin Von Erich
  • Exotic Adrian Street vs. Rip Rogers (Continental)
    Exectioners vs. Jim Fannigan & Apollo Martinez (NWF) (Features commentary by Paul Heyman before his Paul Dangerously gimmick)
  • NWA Ring Report
  • PWTW Exclusive- Interview with Jim Cornette about upcoming match at Starrcade '86
  • JR the wild Hog vs. Farmer Boy (Polynesian Pro- Hawaii)-never heard of these guys before
  • PWTW Exclusive- Interview with Candi Devine
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated w/ Bill Apter- News/rankings
  • WWF Ring Report- Pedicino breaks the news of the Steamboat throat injury 1 week before it airs on WWF TV
  • Wild Red Berry vs. Cyclone Anaya (B&W Mat Classic- 1953)
  • Makhan Singh vs. Jobber (Stampede)
  • AWA Ring Report
  • Dump Matsumoto & Bull Nakano vs. Crush Girls (Japan)
  • Wrestler of the Week- Kevin Von Erich (w/ clips)

Pro Wrestling This Week 11/29/86   1hr  DVD


  • Pro Wrestling This Week 11/29/86
  • Wendy Richter vs. Sasha (WWC)
  • Interview- Assassin (Portland)
  • Cocoa Samoa vs. Abuda Dean (Portland)
  • WWF Ring Report
  • Big Bubba & Goliath vs. Randy & Robert Bryant (Memphis)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated w/ Bill Apter- News/rankings
  • AWA Ring report
  • Don Lewin vs. vs. Crybaby Bob Corby (B&W mat classic)
  • Blindfolded Women's battle royal (Deep South)
  • UWF Ring Report
  • Ted Dibiase vs. One Man Gang
  • Gary Hart's Viewpoint
  • 2 ring Battle Royal (Continental)
  • WCCW Ring Report
  • Tony Atlas vs. The Grappler (WCCW)
  • NWA Ring report
  • PWTW Exclusive interview- Misty Blue Simmes
  • Jumping Bomb Angels vs. Velvet McEntyre & Judy Martin (Japan)
  • Wrestler of the Week- Joyce Grable

Pro Wrestling This Week 12/6/86   1hr  DVD


  • Ben Bassarab vs. Vietcong Express (STAMPEDE)
  • PWTW Exclusive- Wrestler of the Month award presentation to the Invader (WWC)
  • Jason the Terrible vs. Charlie Camper (WWC)
  • Assassin(Jody Hamilton) vs. Grizzly Boone (Deep South- Carrollton, GA)
  • "P.S. Rumors" w/ Michael Hayes (debut segment)
  • John Tatum car accident announcement
  • Sting vs. Steve Williams (UWF)
  • Rock n Roll RPM's vs. David Razor & Keith Eric (Memphis)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated w/ Bill Apter- News/rankings
  • Recap of WCCW Thanksgiving show
  • Al Madril attacks Kerry Von Erich- turns into a Kevin/Al Madril brawl (WCCW)
  • Rip Oliver vs. The Assassin (Portland)
  • Starrcade '86 recap w/ exclusive interview backstage with the Road Warriors
  • Gordon Solie interviews Kevin Sullivan (Continental)
  • WWF Ring Report
  • The Sheik vs Sam Shell (Mat Classic- Detroit)
  • AWA Ring Report
  • Wrestler of the Week- Ben Bassarab (w/clips)

Pro Wrestling This Week 12/13/86 1hr  DVD


  • Gary Hart's Viewpoint-Makes fun of Solie and Pedicino
  • Bruiser Brody vs. Jody Reed (WCCW- Pasadena, TX)
  • Ivan the Terrible vs. Lee Grable (B&W Mat Classic- Hollywood, CA)
  • Gordon Solie's Ring Report (includes exclusive interview with Jimmy Garvin backstage at Starrcade '86)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated w/ Bill Apter- News/rankings
  • Lance Russell Interviews Tojo Yammamoto- talks about bringing Kabuki in (Memphis studio)
  • Kabuki vs. Pat Tanaka (Memphis studio)
  • AWA Ring Report
  • Exotic Adrian Street vs. Rip Rogers (Texas Death match- Birmingham, AL)(Continental)
  • Interview- The Assassin (Portland)
  • Scott Doring vs. Abuda Dean (Portland)
  • Jason the Terrible kills a bunch of jobbers (WWC)
  • PWTW Exclusive Interview- Invader I (WWC)
  • WWF Ring Report
  • UWF Ring Report w/ Michael PS Hayes
  • Interview- Jack Victory (UWF)
  • Bill Irwin & Leroy Brown vs. Terry Taylor & Iceman Parsons (UWF- Ft. Worth, TX)
  • Wrestler of the Week- Adrian Street (w/clips)

Pro Wrestling This Week 12/27/86 1hr DVD


  • Wendi Richter vs. Liz Chase (NWF)
  • Wilbur Snyder & Shandar Zabu vs. Jack McDonald & Joe Pacindac (B&W Mat Classic- St. Louis 1956)
  • WWF Ring Report
  • Confrontation- Kevin Sullivan/Robert Fuller -Huge brawl (Continental)
  • Interview-Dirty Rhodes/Don Bass/Larry Wright (memphis)
  • Tommy Rich vs. Jobber (Rhodes, Bass, Wright attack Rich) (Memphis)
  • Huge brawl with Lawler/Rich/Rhodes/Bass/Wright (Memphis)
  • AWA Ring Report
  • Coco Samoa vs. Joey Jackson (Portland)
  • PWTW Exclusive- Interview with Missy Hyatt (Fresh out of the shower and ready for action)
  • Nightmares vs. Greg Brown & Tom Ivy (Deep South)
  • Interview- JR Foley and his zoo of goons (Stampede)
  • NWA Ring Report
  • Eric Embry & Crusher vs. Jobbers (WWC)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated w/ Bill Apter- News/rankings
  • WCCW Ring report
  • Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Bubba( aka Tugboat) (Texas)

Pro Wrestling This Week 1/3/87  1hr DVD


  • (1986 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Awards)
  • Great Bolo vs. Great Chalo (B&W Mat Classic-50's)
  • PWTW Exclusive interview- RnR Express-Tag team of the year
  • Tom Pritchard vs. Roy Welch (Bullrope match) (Continental)
  • PWTW Exclusive interview- Lex Luger- Rookie of the year
  • Scott & Steve Armstrong vs. Nightmares (Deep South)
  • Rock N Roll RPM's vs. Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis (Memphis)
  • "P.S. Rumors" w/ Michael Hayes
  • Steve Williams vs. Art Crews (UWF)
  • Invader vs. Frankie Lancaster (WWC)
  • WWF Ring Report
  • PWTW Exclusive interview- Paul Orndorff- Most hated wrestler
  • PWTW Exclusive interview- Lou Albano - manager of the year
  • Brian Adias & Al Madril vs. Lance Von Erich & Dingo Warrior
  • Larry Zbyszko vs. Greg Gagne (AWA)
  • PWTW Exclusive interview- Verne Gagne- Editor's award
  • Adolf Barbie vs. George Skaland (Calgary)
  • PWTW Exclusive interview- Ric Flair- wrestler of the year

Pro Wrestling This Week 1/10/87  1hr DVD


  • Agent Orange vs Verne Seibert (Portland)
  • Interview with Kevin Sullivan (Continental)
  • Jerry Stubbs & Dirty White Boy vs Nightmares (Continental)
  • Steve Williams vs One Man Gang (UWF)
  • "P.S. Rumors" w/ Michael Hayes
  • Rock N Roll RPMs vs Tracy Smothers & John Paul (Memphis)
  • The Assassin vs Grizzly Boone (Deep South)
  • Killer Tim Brooks vs Steve Simpson (WCCW)
  • WWF Ring Report
  • The Cobra vs Shiro Koshinaka (Japan)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated w/Bill Apter- News & Rankings
  • Brunetti Brothers vs Gallagher Brothers (Mat Classic)
  • Ragin Cajun vs Boris Zukoff (AWA)
  • Wrestler of the Week: The Assassin

Pro Wrestling This Week 1/31/87  1hr DVD


  • Lance Von Erich vs Brian Addidas (WCCW)
  • Sky High Lee vs Verne Siebert (Portland)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated w/Bill Apter- News & Rankings
  • Rock N Roll RPMs vs Jerry Garmin & Vinny Trailer (Memphis)
  • Danny McShane vs Gino Garibaldi (Mat Classic)
  • Jimmy Snuka vs Rick Gantner (AWA)
  • Missing Link vs Michael Hayes (UWF)
  • Jim Ross Accepts Terry Gordy’s PWI Most Improved Wrestler award.
  • Hercules Ayala vs Dan Roy (Montreal)
  • Gary Hart’s Viewpoint
  • Carlos Colon vs TNT (WWC)
  • WWF Ring Report
  • Headhunters vs Rufus Jones, Al Scott, Les Freeman (Continental)
  • Wrestler of the Week: Jimmy Snuka

Pro Wrestling This Week  2/7/87 1hr DVD


  • Pro Wrestling This Week
  • Sheepherders vs. Jobbers (Turns into parking lot brawl with Fabs) (Memphis)
  • Interview- Luna & The Loch (Memphis)
  • Dingo Warrior vs. Al Madril (WCCW)
  • Interview- Bill Watts (UWF)
  • Ted Dibiase vs. Michael Hayes (Coal Miner's glove) (UWF)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated w/ Bill Apter- News/rankings
  • Danny McShane vs. Gino Garibaldi (Mat Classic-1955 2nd fall)
  • WWF Ring Report
  • Kevin Kelly vs. Jobber (AWA)
  • Adrian Street & Tom Pritchard vs. Rip Rogers & Chris Von Pope (Continental)
  • Scott Hall vs. ??? (Raw footage- Hall's first match in Florida) (Florida)
  • Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Alexis Smirnoff (Japan)
  • Tom Zenk/Dan Kroffat/Armand Rougeau vs. Sheik Ali/Richard Garland/? (Montreal)
  • "P.S. Rumors" w/ Michael Hayes
  • Wrestler of the Week- Tatsumi Fujinami

Pro Wrestling This Week 2/14/87 1hr DVD


  • Fabulous Ones vs. Sheepherders (Memphis- MSC)
  • Danny McShane vs. Gino Garibaldi (Mat Classic-1955 3rd fall)
  • Steve Williams vs. Angel of Death (UWF)
  • "P.S. Rumors" w/ Michael Hayes
  • Midnight Rockers vs. Rose/Summers (Met Center) (AWA)
  • Tony Atlas vs. Matt Borne & Percy Pringle (WCCW)
  • Gary Hart's Viewpoint
  • 6 man cage match- Sullivan kills ref- maddness. (Continental)
  • Rip Oliver/Mike Miller/Abuda Dean vs. Ricky Santana/Sky High Lee/Coco Samoa (Portland)
  • WWF Ring Report
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated w/ Peter King- News/rankings- Exposes DK's legit back injury
  • Women's match (japan)
  • Wrestlers of the Week- Midnight Rockers

Pro Wrestling This Week 3/7/87  1hr DVD


  • Gary Hart vs. David Manning (WCCW)
  • Interview- Gary Hart/David Manning (WCCW)
  • Abdullah the Butcher vs. Gil Guererro (Mat Classic- Detroit mid 70's)
  • Mike Miller vs. Sky High Lee (Portland)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated w/ Bill Apter- News/rankings
  • UWF video- "Eye of the tiger"
  • "P.S. Rumors" w/ Michael Hayes
  • Nightmares vs. Tony Anthony & Jerry Stubbs (Continental)
  • Wrestlemania 3 preview
  • Honky Tonk man vs. Jobber (WWF)
  • Jerry Lawler vs. Boy Tony (memphis)
  • TNT vs. Steve Blackman (WWC)
  • Mike Golden vs. Grizzly Boone (Deep South)

Pro Wrestling This Week 3/21/87  1hr DVD


  • Pat Tanaka & Alan West vs. Don Bass & Keith Roberson (Memphis)
  • Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden vs. Tony Anthony & Jerry Stubbs (Continental)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated w/ Bill Apter- News/rankings
  • NWA Crockett Cup '87 preview
  • Randy Savage vs. Sivi Afi (WWF)
  • Interview- Bob Eucker (WWF)
  • Killer Bees vs. Mike Sharpe & Tiger Chung Lee (WWF)
  • Jason the Terrible vs. Big Red (WWC)
  • Dusty Wolfe vs. Lance Von Erich (WCCW)
  • Gary Hart's Viewpoint- Interview with Marc Lowrance
  • Interview- Bruiser Brody and "Red River Jack" (WCCW)
  • Nightmares vs. Ranger Ross & Don Sanders (Deep South)
  • "P.S. Rumors" w/ Michael Hayes
  • One Man Gang vs. Savannah Jack (UWF)
  • June Byers vs. Betty Hawkins (B&W Mat Classic- 50's)
  • Boris Zhukoff vs. Leon White(vader) (AWA)
  • Wrestlers of the Week- Bruiser Brody and "Red River Jack"

Pro Wrestling This Week 3/28/87  1hr DVD


  • Ted Dibiase & Steve Cox vs. One Man Gang & Bill Irwin (UWF)
  • Eddie Gilbert vs. Savanna Jack (UWF)
  • "P.S. Rumors" w/ Michael Hayes
  • Youngbloods vs. Ron & Chicky Starr (WWC)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated w/ Bill Apter- News/rankings
  • WWF News- Andre/Bulldogs/Piper
  • Bulldogs & Santana vs. Jobbers (WWF)
  • Matsumoto & nakano vs. Some jap girls (japan)
  • Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden vs. Rip Rogers & Executioner (Continental)
  • Bam Bam Bigelow video- "War Machine"
  • Midnight Rockers vs. Goliath & Big Bubba (Memphis- MSC)
  • Red River Jack & Dingo Warrior vs. The Grappler & Bob Bradley
  • Tommy Rich vs. Randy Rose (Deep South)
  • Interview- Assassin (Jody Hamilton) (Deep South)
  • Ivan Kalmakoff & Al Costello vs. Domenic Denucci & Ed Carpentier (B&W Mat Classic- 1st fall)
  • Wrestler of the Week- Jim Duggan

Pro Wrestling This Week 4/4/87  1hr DVD


  • Fantastics vs. Jack Victory & Bob Bradley (WCCW)
  • Fantastics Interview (WCCW)
  • Joey Jackson vs. Mark Young (Portland)
  • Dominic DeNucci & Eduardo Carpentier vs. Al Costello & Ivan Kalmikoff (B&W Mat Classic- 2nd fall)
  • WrestleMania 3 Music Video (WWF)
  • Chris Adams & Terry Taylor vs. Bill Irwin & The Viking (UWF)
  • "P.S. Rumors" w/ Michael Hayes
  • Jerry Lawler & Crusher Yurkov (Bam Bam Bigelow) vs. The Medics (Memphis)
  • Doug Furnas vs. The Terminal Man (Furnas unmasks Terminal) (Continental)
  • Chilly Bo Dilly vs. Mean Little Kevin (Midget Match) (Polynesian Pro)
  • John Mantell vs. Panther (Japan)
  • Sherri Martel vs. Candi Divine (AWA)
  • Wrestler of the Week: All Participants in WM3

Pro Wrestling This Week 4/11/87  1hr DVD


  • Mr. Wrestling II vs. Rip Rogers (Continental)
  • Cocoa Samoa vs. Vinnie Valentino (Portland)
  • News on the Crockett Cup '87
  • Ken Timbs & Porkchop Cash vs. Brad Batten & Rick McCord (Central States)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated w/ Bill Apter- News/rankings
  • Highlights of Duggan/Iron Sheik/Volkoff Fued (WWF)
  • Announcement of Patera return w/ interview from TNT + clips (WWF)
  • Dory & Terry Funk + Ron Starr vs. Mil Mascaras & The Invaders (WWC)
  • Eric Embry vs. Rick Dubois (WCCW)
  • Gary Hart's Viewpoint- Interview with the Fantastics
  • Curt Hennig vs.Tom Stone (AWA)
  • Nightmares & Mike Golden vs. Grizzly Boone, Ranger Ross, & John Michaels (Deep South)
  • Eddie Gilbert vs. Savannah Jack (UWF)
  • "P.S. Rumors" w/ Michael Hayes
  • Ivan Kalmakoff & Al Costello vs. Domenic Denucci & Ed Carpentier (B&W Mat Classic- 3rd fall)
  • The Patriot vs. Jonathan Boyd (Memphis- MSC)

Pro Wrestling This Week 4/18/87 1hr DVD


  • Battle Royal with Marty Jannetty (Central States)
  • Fantastics vs. Al Madril & Brian Adias (WCCW)
  • Gary Hart's Viewpoint- Interview with the Rock N Roll RPM's
  • Johnny Rich vs. Mike Golden (Deep South)
  • Two-Ring Battle Royal (Continental)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated w/ Bill Apter- News/rankings
  • Bill Apter talks about Chris Adams
  • Terry Taylor & Chris Adams vs. Mike George & Mike Boyette (UWF)
  • Fabulous Freebirds interview
  • Dusty Rhodes & Nikita Koloff announced as the winners of the Crockett Cup
  • TNT (Savio Vega) vs. Raul Reyes (WWC)
  • Bam Bam Bigelow & Jerry Lawler vs. Tommy Rich & Austin Idol (Texas Death Match) (Memphis)
  • Art Crews vs. Pat Brady (Portland)
  • Demolition promo-they announce that Mr. Fuji is their new manager (WWF)
  • Greg "The Hammer" Valentine & Dino Bravo vs. Nick Kiniski & Jobber (WWF)
  • Hart Foundation vs. SD Jones & Jobber (WWF)
  • Boris Zhukov & The Blaster vs. Jobbers (AWA)

Pro Wrestling This Week 4/25/87 1hr DVD


  • Gordon Solie & Joe Pedicino announce the death of Mike Von Erich
  • Dutch Mantell vs. "Exotic" Adrian Street (Continental)
  • "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. Tiger Chung Lee (WWF)
  • Brutus Beefcake interview
  • Can-Am Connection vs. Barry O & Jobber (WWF)
  • Jeff Jarrett, Paul Diamond, & BT Express vs. Pat Tanaka, Helo, & Shimo (from Memphis)
  • Downtown Bruno & Paul Diamond interview-Pat Tanaka comes in and gets hit by Diamond
  • Pat Tanaka argues with Jeff Jarrett-Eddie Marlin comes in
  • Steve "Dr. Death" Williams vs. Bob Bradley (UWF)
  • Michael "P.S." Hayes interview
  • Gordon Solie debut's "Sound Off" with Boni Blackstone
  • The Sheik vs. Charlie Cook (Mat Classic from Southwest)
  • John Michaels vs. Randy Rose (Deep South)
  • Lance Von Erich & Red River Jack (Bruiser Brody) vs. Eliminator & Nord the Barbarian (WCCW)
  • Gary Hart's Viewpoint- Interview with Black Bart & Percy Pringle
  • Ric McCord vs. Porkchop Cash (Central States)
  • Otto Wanz vs. Dennis Stamp (AWA)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated w/ Bill Apter- News/rankings
  • Misty Blue Simmes interrupts Bill Apter demanding an interview
  • Kengo Kimura vs. Kerry Wilson (Martial Arts Match from Japan)

Pro Wrestling This Week 5/2/87  1hr DVD


  • Mark Starr, Rocky Johnson, Soul Train Jones vs. Hilo/Shima/Jack Hart (Memphis)
  • Tully Blanchard vs. Bob Armstrong (NWA)
  • Interview- Tully Blanchard (NWA)
  • New Breed vs. Jobbers (NWA)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated w/ Bill Apter- News/rankings
  • Rip Oliver vs. Ricky Santana (Portland)
  • PWTW Sound off w/ Boni Blackstone
  • PWTW Exclusive- Sting & Rick Steiner vs. Terry Taylor & Chris Adams (Atlanta..Title change- pro shot raw footage) (UWF)
  • PWTW Exclusive- Interview w/ Chris Adams & Terry Taylor- Omni
  • Gorgeous George vs. Chief Don Eagle (B&W Mat Classic- 1st fall)
  • Dingo Warrior vs. Jack Victory (WCCW)
  • Gary Hart's Viewpoint- Interview with Rock n Roll RPM's
  • Scott Armstrong vs. Los Lobos (Continental)
  • Ken Timbs vs. Jerry Anderson (Central States)
  • Honky Tonk Man vs. Jobber (WWF)
  • TNT & Jason vs. Hercules Ayala & M. Perez (WWC)
  • Crusher Blackwell & Leon White vs. Boris Zhukoff & Master Blaster (AWA)
  • Wrestler of the week- Steiner & Sting

Pro Wrestling This Week 5/9/87 1hr DVD


  • One Man Gang vs. Big Bubba Rogers (Rogers wins title) (UWF)
  • Interview- Skandor Akbar w/ Big Bubba Rogers (UWF)
  • "P.S. Rumors" w/ Michael Hayes
  • Beef Wellington vs. Johnny Smith (Calgary)
  • Jerry Lawler vs. Austin Idol (Chain match) (Memphis- MSC)
  • PWTW Exclusive interview- Bruiser Brody and Bill Mercer at the Parade of Champions
  • Ladies mud match (Texas Stadium) (WCCW)
  • Gary Hart's Viewpoint- Interview with Joe Pedicino & Bill Mercer at Parade of Champions
  • Kevin Kelly & Buddy Rose vs. Jim Evans & Mike Richards (AWA)
  • Gorgeous George vs. Chief Don Eagle (B&W Mat Classic- 2nd fall)
  • Flair/Luger/Blanchard vs. Bob Armstrong/Brad Armstrong/Tim Horner (NWA)
  • Lex Luger vs. Jobber (NWA)
  • Interview- Tully Blanchard w/ JJ Dillon (NWA)
  • PWTW Sound off w/ Boni Blackstone
  • WWF news with Beefcake cutting hair/Pater-Heenan debate
  • Killer Khan vs. Jobber (WWF)
  • Buddy Landel vs. Wendell Cooley (Continental)
  • PWTW Exclusive interview with Misty Blue Simmes
  • Wrestler of the Week- Big Bubba Rogers

Pro Wrestling This Week 5/16/87  1hr DVD


  • Bruiser Brody vs. Jeep Swenson (Texas Stadium) (WCCW)
  • Gary Hart's Viewpoint- Interview with WCCW cameraman
  • Ladies match (POWW)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated w/ Bill Apter- News/rankings
  • Mr. Wrestling II vs. Jimmy Golden (Continental)
  • New Breed vs. Force/Nelson (NWA)
  • Interview- Magnum TA (NWA)
  • Interview- Dusty Rhodes (NWA)
  • Barry Windham vs. Jobber (NWA)
  • Gorgeous George vs. Chief Don Eagle (B&W Mat Classic- 3rd fall)
  • Jerry Lawler vs. Austin Idol (Hair vs. Hair) (Memphis- MSC)
  • PWTW Sound off w/ Boni Blackstone
  • Interview- Larry Zbyszko (AWA)
  • Interview- Nick Bockwinkel (AWA)
  • Eddie Gilbert vs. Sam Houston (UWF)
  • Lucha Libre music video
  • Ricky Steamboat vs. Tiger Chung Lee (WWF)
  • British Bulldogs vs. Hart Foundation (WWF)
  • Bob Brown vs. Stony Burke (Central States)
  • Cuban Assassin vs. Jeff Wheeler (Stampede)
  • Wrestler of the Week- Bruiser Brody

Pro Wrestling This Week 5/23/87  1hr DVD


  • Nick Bockwinkel vs. Curt Hennig (Hennig turns and wins title) (AWA)
  • Jim Duggan vs. Dave Barbie (WWF)
  • Tanaka/Diamond vs. Mark Starr (Memphis)
  • PWTW Sound off w/ Boni Blackstone
  • Karl Kovacs vs. Rufus R. Jones (Central States)
  • El Estudiante vs. Nuclear (Mexico)
  • Video package- Von Erich History
  • Scott Casey vs. Gene Hart (Continental)
  • Chris Adams vs. Terry Taylor (UWF)
  • "P.S. Rumors" w/ Michael Hayes
  • Sandy Scott & Tom Stanton vs. Cuban Assassin & ? (Mat Classic-Calgary mid 70's)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated w/ Bill Apter- News/rankings
  • Mike Miller & Art Crews vs. Coco Samoa & Ricky Santana (Portland)
  • Interview- Mike Miller (Portland)
  • Jimmy Garvin vs. Johnny Ace (NWA)
  • Interview- Jimmy Garvin (NWA)
  • Genie Beret vs. Bam Bam (POWW)
  • Wrestler of the Week- Curt Hennig

Pro Wrestling This Week 5/30/87  1hr DVD

PWO-22 (N/A)

  • Mike Miller vs. Spunik (Portland)
  • Kevin Von Erich vs. Nord the barbarian (Texas Stadium) (WCCW)
  • Contract signing- Dusty Rhodes/Tully Blanchard- Rhodes brings $50,000 in cash (NWA)
  • Arn Anderson vs. Jobber (NWA)
  • Crusher Blackwell vs. Tony Leone (AWA)
  • Interview- Curt Hennig- grilled about the infamous roll of coins (AWA)
  • Sheepherders vs. Keith Larson/Armandito Selgado (WWC)
  • 6 man battle royal (WTF?) (Central States)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated w/ Bill Apter- News/rankings
  • WWF News- Andre/One Man Gang/Hogan
  • Hulk Hogan vs. Bob Orton (WWF)
  • Midnight Rockers vs. Tanaka/Diamond (Memphis- MSC)
  • Wilbur Snyder vs. Mr. Moto (B&W Mat Classic- 50's)
  • PWTW Sound off w/ Boni Blackstone
  • Tom Pritchard vs. Scott Armstrong (Continental)
  • Big Bubba Rogers vs. The Beach Boys (handicap match) (UWF)
  • "P.S. Rumors" w/ Michael Hayes
  • Natasha vs. Nina (POWW)
  • Wrestler of the Week- Mike Miller

Pro Wrestling This Week 6/6/87  1hr DVD


  • Fantastics vs. Al Madril & Brian Adias (WCCW)
  • Gary Hart's Viewpoint- Interview with Al Madril
  • Islanders vs. Can Am Connection (WWF)
  • Monster Ripper vs. Susan Greene (WWC)
  • Interview- Tommy Rich (Memphis)
  • Tommy Rich vs. Dave Haskins (Lawler, dressed like a woman, attacks Rich) (Memphis)
  • Ken Timbs & Porkchop Cash vs. Brad Batten & Rick McCord (Street Fight) (Central States)
  • PWTW Sound off w/ Boni Blackstone
  • Interview- Boris Zhukoff (AWA)
  • The Terrorist vs. Jake Milliman (AWA)
  • Interview- Dusty Rhodes (NWA)
  • Midnight Express vs. Mulkey's (NWA)
  • Inoki vs. Saito (Japan)
  • Dutch Mantell vs. Scott Casey (Continental)
  • Roddy Piper returns to Portland!
  • Roddy Piper/Mike Miller interview (Portland)
  • Wild Red Berry & Bud Curtis vs. Great Bolo & Louie Miller (B&W Mat Classic- 1961)
  • "P.S. Rumors" w/ Michael Hayes
  • Eddie Gilbert vs. Steve Williams (Murdoch and Gilbert break Williams' arm)(UWF)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated w/ Bill Apter- News/rankings
  • Wrestler of the Week- Billy Graham

Pro Wrestling This Week 6/13/87 1hr DVD


  • R'n'R Express vs. Rick Rude & Manny Fernandez (NWA)
  • Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard vs. Jobbers (NWA)
  • Mr. Wrestling II vs. Mike Golden (Continental)
  • Reggie Lisowski(The Crusher) & Art Nielson vs. Rudy Kay & Benito Gardini (B&W Mat Classic- 1959)
  • Blond Bombshells vs. Thora & Insanity (POWW)
  • Madusa Miceli vs. Sheri Martel (Superclash II) (AWA)
  • PWTW Sound Off w/ Boni Blackstone
  • Sting & Rick Steiner vs. Lightning Express (UWF)
  • "P.S. Rumors" w/ Michael Hayes
  • Tony Atlas vs. Boy Tony (WCCW)
  • Gary Hart's Viewpoint- Interview with Brian Adias
  • Interview- Bill Dundee/Paul Dangerously (Memphis)
  • Ken Patera vs. Jimmy Jack Funk (WWF)
  • Bill Apter Interview w/Lou Albano Part 1
  • Rip Oliver & Moondog Moretti vs. Black Ninja & Mike Miller (Portland)
  • Inoki vs. Saito (Japan)
  • Bob Brown vs. Rufus R. Jones (Texas Death match) (Central States)
  • Wrestler of the Week- Antonio Inoki

Pro Wrestling This Week 6/20/87  1hr DVD


  • (Central States) C.S. Heavyweight Champ Bob Brown vs. Rufus R. Jones (Title Change)
  • (UWF) Sting vs. Terry Taylor (Chris Adams & Sting unite)
  • (WWC) Hugo Savinovich Interviews Mark & Chris Youngblood
  • (Pacific NW) Rip Oliver vs. Mike Miller (Art Crews & Joey Jackson run in and put make up on Mike)
  • (AWA) Nick Bockwinkel Interview
  • (AWA) Women's Champ Sherri Martel vs. Madusa Micelli
  • (WWF) IC Champ Rick Steamboat vs. Honky Tonk Man (Title Change)
  • Bill Apter Interview w/Lou Albano Part 2
  • (Stampede) Mat Classic 1984- Kiwi's vs. Keith & Bret Hart
  • Fritz Von Erich Interview (tells where the claw came from)
  • (WCCW) Gary Hart Interviews Boy Tony (Tony Falk ?!?)
  • (Memphis) Shima & Hilo vs. Memphis Vice (Jerry Bryant & Lou Winston)
  • (NWA) Dusty Rhodes vs. Tully Blanchard
  • NWA Ref. Tommy Young Interview
  • (Mexico) Negro Cases, Kato Kung Lee & Ricky Boy vs. Super Menecho, Mando Guerrero & Hijo del Santo
  • (Continental) Jr. Heavyweight Champ Tom Prichard vs. Scott Armstrong (Title Change)



Pro Wrestling This Week 6/27/87


  • Preview of Bash '87 tour
  • Interview- Midnight Express & Jim Cornette (NWA)
  • Rock n Roll Express vs. David Isley & John Savage (NWA)
  • Interview- Curt Hennig & Larry Zbyszko
  • Jimmy Snuka vs. jobber (AWA)
  • PWI editorial with Bill Apter
  • WWF Ring Report
  • Joe Pedicino interview's Danny Davis
  • Tom Pritchard & Mike Golden vs. Bob & Scott Armstrong (Continental)
  • Interview- Scott Armstrong (Continental)
  • Andre Poffo vs. Tony Morelli (Mat Classic 1955)
  • Rock n Roll RPM's vs. Steve and Shaun Simpson (WCCW)
  • Gary Hart's Viewpoint- Al Perez
  • Bill Dundee vs. Paul Diamond (Memphis)
  • Sound off with Bonnie Blackstone
  • Rip Rogers vs. DJ Peterson- lumberjack match (Central States)
  • Bad News Allen vs. Beef Wellington (Stampede)
  • Terry Taylor & Eddie Gilbert vs. Dave Haskins & Steve Cox- Sting attacks and ring fills with wrestlers (UWF)
  • Carlos Colon vs. Jason the Terrible (WWC)
  • Interview- Wendy Richter
    Wrestler of the Week- Bill Dundee

Pro Wrestling This Week 7/11/87


  • Interview- Ric Flair (NWA)
  • Midnight Express vs. Gary Royal & Trent Knight (NWA)
  • Video- Upcoming look at Wild West Wrestling
  • Kevin Kelly $10,000 arm wrestling challenge (AWA)
  • Interview- Curt Hennig and Larry Zbyszko (AWA)
  • Dutch Mantell vs. Wendel Cooley (Bullwhip on a pole match- Continental)
  • Lightning Express vs. Shaska Whatley & Enforcer #2 (UWF)
  • Sound off with Bonnie Blackstone
  • Rip Oliver vs. Mike Miller (Portland)
  • Brian Adias vs. Al Madril (WCCW)
  • Interview- Al Madril
  • Rock n Roll RPM's & Ted Arcidi vs. Matt Borne/Spoiler/Tony Atlas (WCCW)
  • Bill Dundee & Rocky Johnson vs. Keith Eric & Thunderbird (Memphis)
  • Warlord & Porkchop Cash vs. Bobby Jaggers & Bart Batten (Central States)
  • PWI with Bill Apter- Linda Dallas
  • WWF Ring Report
  • Interview- Jesse Ventura
  • Hardboiled Haggerty vs. Mike Valentino (Mat Classic- 1953)
  • Owen Hart vs. Ron Starr (Stampede)
  • Abdullah the Butcher vs. Sabu(different guy) (Bloodbath-WWC)
  • Wrestler of the Week- Owen Hart

Pro Wrestling This Week 7/18/87


  • Doug Furnas sets world Power lifting record (over 900 lbs.)
  • The Bullet (Bob Armstrong) vs. Jonathon Boyd (Continental)
  • Interview- Jesse Ventura
  • Invader #3 & Wendi Richter vs. The Assassin & Monster Ripper (WWC)
  • Bill Apter Interviews Lou Albano
  • Bruiser Brody & Jules Strongbow vs, Damian Kane & D.C. Drake (Cage Match- NWF New Jersey)
  • Freebirds (Hayes & Roberts) vs. Ivan Koloff & Paul Jones (NWA)
  • Iceman Parsons vs. Ray Evans (Wild West)
  • Ox Baker/Rip Rogers Confrontation (Central States)
  • Bill Dundee & Rocky Johnson vs. Rooster Cogburn & Keith Robertson (Memphis)
  • Wahoo McDaniel vs. Mike Tolos (AWA)
  • Black Bart vs. Sting (UWF)
  • Fishman & Jose Lothario vs. Perro Aguayo & Giant Alaskan (WWA/Mexico)
  • Rip Oliver vs. Mike Miller (Portland)
  • Fantastics vs. Frankie Lancaster & Eric Embry (WCCW)
  • Don Arnold vs. Tarzan Torvelle (Mat Classic from 1953)
  • Wrestler of the Week: Doug Furnas


Pro Wrestling This Week 7/25/87


  • Pro Wrestling This Week 7/25/87
  • John Tatum & Jack Victory vs. Missing Link & Savannah Jack (Wild West)
  • Midnight Express vs. RnR Express (NWA)
  • Rip Rogers attacks Ox Baker (Central States)
  • Doug Furnas vs. The Menace (Continental)
  • Wendell Cooley vs. Akio Sato (Continental)
  • Soldat Ustinov vs. Sonny Rogers (AWA)
  • Sound Off with Bonnie Blackstone
  • The Clones vs. Dave Johnson & Ed Maddox (Memphis)
  • PWI editorial with Bill Apter
  • Lou Albano/Paul E. confrontation
  • Steve Williams vs. Big Bubba- Williams wins UWF Title (UWF)
  • Rock n Roll RPM's vs. Matt Borne & Spoiler (WCCW)
  • Patrick Frehley vs. Bombs Away Culcovich (Mat Classic 1952)
  • Music Video- Bam Bam Bigelow
  • Interview- Jesse Ventura
  • Kortsia Korchenko vs. Ricky Fujiki (WWC)
  • Interview- Carlos Colon (WWC)
  • Wrestler of the Week- Steve Williams

Pro Wrestling This Week 8/1/87


  • Pro Wrestling This Week 8/1/87
  • Kevin Von Erich vs. Brian Adias (WCCW)
  • NWA/UWF Ring Report
  • Manny Fernandez vs. Jimmy Garvin (NWA)
  • Interviews- George Barnes/Rocky Johnson/Bill Dundee (Memphis)
  • Music Video of 50's wrestling (Mat Classic)
  • Nightmares award presentation -Fuller and Golden attack (Continental)
  • Nightmares/Golden & Fuller brawl after a match (Continental)
  • Sound Off with Bonnie Blackstone
  • Wahoo McDaniel returns to the AWA
  • Lightning Express vs. Terminator & Gary Young (UWF)
  • Bruce Hart/Owen Hart/Brian Pillman vs. Ron Starr/Kerry Brown/Duke Myers (Stampede)
  • John Tatum/Jack Victory/Eli the Eliminator vs. Missing Link/Soloman Grundy/Savannah Jack (Wild West)
  • Danger Zone with Paul E.
  • PWI editorial with Bill Apter
  • Art Crews vs. Billy Two Eagles (Portland)
  • Victor Jovica & Pepe Gomez vs. Inferno #1 & Cowboy Lang (WWC)
  • WWF Ring Report
  • Wendy Richter vs. Heidi Lee Morgan- Cage (NWF New Jersey)
  • Wrestler of the Week- Stu Hart

Pro Wrestling This Week 8/8/87


  • Barry Windham vs. Dick Murdoch (UWF)
  • Tommy Rich vs. Kevin Kelly (Nailz) (AWA)
  • Danger Zone debut- Mitch Snow Interview (AWA)
  • Missing Link/Bill Irwin/La Serenita vs. John Tatum/Jack Victory/Gato Vera (Wild West)
  • Announcement of Rick Rude joining WWF
  • Mike Miller vs. Super Ninja ($10,000 Bounty placed on Rip Oliver, Portland)
  • Memphis Southern Tag Title Music Video w/Jarrett, Travis,Moondogs, Dundee, Rocky
  • Johnson, Tanaka, Diamons, Nasty Boys, Keirn & Hall
  • Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka vs. Billy Joe Travis & Jeff Jarrett (Memphis Tag Title Finals, Title Change)
  • Dutch Mantell vs. Mr. Olympia (Southeastern)
  • Al Perez vs. Tony Atlas (WCCW)
  • Rip Rogers vs. Ox Baker (Central States Title Match, Bobby Jaggers runs in)
  • Bill Apter PWI Report & Bam Bam Bigelow Scout Report
  • Antonio Leone & Tony Morelli vs. Garabaldi Brothers(Mat Classic- 1958)
  • Sean Royal vs. Rocky King (NWA)
  • Tag Champs Chris & Mark Youngblood vs. TNT & Mr. Pogo (WWC)
  • Tatsumi Fujinami vs. White Panther (NJPW)
  • Fabulous Moolah vs. Sherri Martel (WWF Women's Title Change)

Pro Wrestling This Week 8/15/87


  • Original Midnight Express vs. Steve O. & Sonny Rogers (AWA)
  • NWA Ring Report
  • Sound off with Bonnie Blackstone
  • The Bullet(Bob Armstrong) vs. Jonathan Boyd (Lumberjack Match- Continental)
  • Bruiser Brody vs. Abdullah (Central States)
  • Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis vs. Keith Eric & ? (Memphis)
  • PWI Top 10
  • PWI Editorial- Bill Apter
  • John Tatum & Jack Victory vs. Bob Durell & Dave Hamilton- Link & Irwin interfere (Wild West)
  • Interview- Jesse Ventura at the UWF training center
  • Garibaldi's vs. Tony Leone & Tony Morelli (Mat Classic-1958)
  • Danger Zone w/Paul E.- Boris Zhukov
  • WWF Ring Report
  • Carlos Colon vs. TNT (WWC)
  • Interview- Kareem Mohammed (WWC)
  • 1987 WFIA Convention highlights
  • Rock n Roll RPM's & Matt Borne vs. Ted Arcidi/Len Denton/Killer Brooks (WCCW)
  • Art Crews vs. Art Barr (Portland)
  • Steve Strong vs. Ivan Lavradoux - David Shults makes his return (Montreal)
  • Wrestler of the Week- Gordon Solie (WTF?)

Pro Wrestling This Week 8/22/87 


  • Bruiser Brody vs. Killer Brooks (WCCW)
  • WWF TV Report
  • Tom Prichard vs Scott Armstrong (Continental)
  • Rip Oliver & Super Ninja vs. Scott Peterson & Steve Doll (Portland)
  • Bill Apter PWI Report & Ban the Manager poll results
  • Paul Diamond vs. Mark Starr (Memphis)
  • Boris Zuhkov & Soldad Ustinov vs Wahoo McDaniel & DJ Peterson (AWA)
  • Danger Zone- Paul E. Dangerously Interviews himself
  • Ox Baker vs Rip Rogers (Russian torture match-Central States)
  • Tarzan White vs Mr. Moto (Mat Classic-1960)
  • NWA/UWF TV Report
  • Invader #3 vs El Gran Mendoza (WWC)
  • Wrestling Inquirer: w/Chickie Starr & Abdullah the Butcher
  • Sound Off
  • Debbie the Killer Tomato vs Spicey Williams (WWA/Mexico)
  • Las Serenita vs Gato Vera (Wild West)
  • Wrestler of the Week: Bob Giegel

Pro Wrestling This Week 8/29/87


  • Adrian Adonis vs. Jim Evans (AWA)
  • Tracy Smothers vs. Jim Robertson (Memphis)
  • Al Madril vs. Tony Falk (WCCW)
  • NWA/UWF Ring Report
  • Interview- Bruiser Brody
  • Pedro Ganoy vs. Jesse James (Mat Classic 1972)
  • PWI Editorial
  • Mike Miller vs. Joey Jackson (Portland)
  • Interview- Mike Miller (Portland)
  • WWF Ring Report
  • Dirty White Boy vs. Doug Furnas (Continental)
  • Sound Off with Bonnie Blackstone
  • Sheepherders vs. Los Pastorales (WWC)
  • Interview- Wendi Richter (WWC)
  • Iceman Parsons & Sherri Martel vs. Lance Von Erich & Candy Divine (Wild West)
  • Porkchop Cash vs. Rufus R. Jones- I quit match (Central States)
  • Interview- Curt Hennig (AWA)
  • Wrestler of the Week- Paul Orndorff

Pro Wrestling This Week 9/5/87


  • Nightmares Split up
  • Gordon announces the retirement of Paul Boesch
  • Danny Davis & Wendell Cooley vs. Jimmy Golden & Robert Fuller
  • WWF Ring Report
  • Rip Oliver vs. Mike Miller (Portland)
  • Rock n Roll RPM's vs. Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis (Memphis)
  • PWI Editorial
  • Bruiser Brody vs. Abdullah the Butcher (Central States)
  • Danger Zone
  • A look back at 50's wrestling
  • Joe Blanchard vs. The Great Bolo (Mat Classic- 1950)
  • NWA/UWF Ring Report
  • Kevin Von Erich vs. Brian Adias -Cage match (WCCW)
  • Mark & Chris Youngblood & Invader #1 vs. Rebel/Destroyer/Assassin (WWC)
  • Interview- Hercules Ayala (WWC)
  • Hercules Ayala vs. 2 jobbers (Montreal)
  • Nick Bockwinkel vs. Curt Henning (AWA)
  • Gordon interviews Wahoo McDaniel
  • Iceman Parsons vs. Lance Von Erich (Wild West)
  • Wrestler of the week- Kevin Von Erich

Pro Wrestling This Week 10/10/87


  • Iron Sheik vs. Sal Oliveres- Sheik's WCCW debut (WCCW)
  • Steve Ray vs. Steve Estes (Central States)- Central Stated is beyond dying
  • PWI Top 10
  • PWI editorial with Bill Apter
  • Wendy Richter vs. Peggy Lee Leather (POWW)
  • Interview- Elizabeth (WWF)
  • Paul Orndorff vs. Jobber (WWF)
  • The Grappler vs. Mike Miller (Portland)
  • Ron Richie vs. Goldie Rogers (Stampede)
  • Curt Hennig vs. Wahoo McDaniel (AWA)
  • Sound Off with Bonnie Blackstone
  • Tracy Smothers vs. Keith Eric (Memphis)- Bad Company interfere
  • Danger Zone
  • NWA/UWF Ring Report
  • Tom Pritchard & Scott Armstrong vs. The Moondogs (Continental)
  • Pritchard/Boyd confrontation (Continental)
  • Women's match from Japan (Mat Classic 1985)
  • Wrestler of the Week- Elizabeth (WTF?)

Pro Wrestling This Week 10/17/87


  • Steve Olsonowski vs. Kevin Kelly (AWA)
  • Bambi vs. Luna (POWW)
  • Al Madril vs. Iron Sheik (WCCW)
  • Jerry & Eddie Graham vs. "Argentina" Rocca & Miguel Perez (from 1953)
  • Starrcade 87 Report
  • Dirty Dutch Mantell vs. Eric Long (Continental)
  • Bill Apter's weekly column
  • Update: breaking news about the Survivor Series (WWF)
  • Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant (clips from Wrestlemania III)
  • Hulk Hogan saves Randy "Macho Man" Savage from the Honky Tonk Man and Hart Foundation (WWF)
  • Sheepherders vs. Carmendido Salgado & Keith Larson (Puerto Rico)
  • Paul E. Dangerously's "Danger Zone": Adrian Adonis puts a dress and lipstick on Tommy Rich (AWA)
  • "Mean" Mike Miller vs. The Grappler (Portland)
  • Brenda Britian vs. Benny Mitchell (Arm Wrestling-Central States)
  • Jerry Lawler & Rocky Johnson vs. Don Bass & Black Prince (Memphis)
  • Randy "Macho Man" Savage & Hulk Hogan shake hands

Pro Wrestling This Week 10/31/87


  • All Matches In Progress
  • Kevin Von Erich vs Brian Adidas (WCCW)
  • Joey Anderson & Lightfoot vs Batten Twins (Central States)
  • Kevin Kelly vs Jerry Blackwell (AWA)
  • Danger Zone with JT Southern
  • WWF’s Craig DeGeorge explains the Survivor Series lineup
  • Harley Race/Jim Duggan confrontation. Duel with chair/2x4. Duggan wins, puts Race’s crown and robe on, is “King for a Day”(WWF)
  • Sound off with Bonnie Blackstone
  • Mike Miller, Cocoa Samoa & Avalanche vs the Grappler, Moondog Moretti & Super Ninja (Portland)
  • Nasty Boys vs Rock n Roll RPMS (Memphis)
  • Bill Apter PWI Year End Award categories
  • Scaffold: El Gran Mendoza vs Hurricane Castillo Jr (WWC)
  • Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden vs Avengers (one of the Avengers gets hurt, Danny Davis comes out and challenges Fuller & Golden, become handicap match. An Avenger returns and helps Davis – Avenger reveals himself as Wendell Cooley (Continental)
  • UWF/NWA Ring Report
  • Pat MaGill vs Mad Monty LeDux (1958 Mat Classic)
  • Terrorist vs Shannon O’Bryan (POWW)
  • Wrestler of the Week: Wendell Cooley

Pro Wrestling This Week 11/7/87


  • Dick Slater vs Mitch Snow (AWA)
  • UWF/NWA Ring Report
  • Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden vs Danny Davis & Wendell Cooley (Continental)
  • Dirty White Boy vs Tom Prichard (Continental)
  • Don Lewin vs Crybaby Cory (1959 Mat Classic)
  • Tony Atlas vs Al Perez (WCCW)
  • ~Sound Off with Bonnie Blackstone
  • Lady Soul, Destiny & Hot Rod Andy vs Candi Devine & Bombshell Blondes (POWW)
  • Sam Houston vs Danny Davis (WWF)
  • Gene Okerlund interviews Jake Roberts (WWF)
  • Freezer Thompson & Ed Maddox vs Rock n Roll RPMS (Memphis)
  • Grappler vs Avalanche (Portland)
  • Danger Zone: Paul show CWA interview of Bill Dundee & Jerry Lawler conducted by Lance Russell regarding the AWA Tag titles they hold
  • Rufus R Jones vs Earthquake Ferris—Lumberjack Match (Central States)
  • Carlos Colon & TNT vs Mr. Pogo & Kendo Nagasaki (WWC)
  • Bill Apter PWI Report
  • Beef Wellington & Chris Benoit vs. Jerry Morrow & Mahkan Singh (Stampede)
  • Wrestler of the Week: Rufus R. Jones

Pro Wrestling This Week 11/14/87


  • Matt Borne vs. Ted Arcidi (WCCW) (Taped Fist Match)
  • Alan West vs. Nick Kiniski(AWA)
  • Paul E. Dangerously Interview (AWA)
  • Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee vs. Original Midnight Express -Title Change (AWA)
  • Moondog Moretti vs. Cocoa Samoa- I Quit Match (Portland)
  • Bob Geigel Interview (Central States)
  • Porkchop Cash & Ric McCord vs. Brad & Bart Batten (Central States)
  • Sandor Szabo vs. Roger Mackey (Mat Classic 1959)
  • Announcement of NWA Starrcade (NWA vs. UWF TV Titles)
  • Hector Guerrero tries to rid Lawler of his hair with a special "hair cream", Lawler grabs the bottle from Hector & Guerrero takes off (Memphis)
  • Youngblood's vs. Mr. Pogo & Kendo Nagasaki (WWC)
  • Tag Champs Hart Foundation vs. Strike Force -Title Change (WWF)
  • King Kong Bundy vs. Jobber (WWF)
  • Larry Hamilton vs. Lee Peek (Continental)
  • Queen Kong vs. Pocahontas (POWW)
  • Bruce Hart & Brian Pillman vs. Gilles & Jacques DeFauce (Stampede)
  • Wrestlers of the Week: Strike Force

Pro Wrestling This Week 11/21/87


  • Interview- Rockin Robin- Debbie Combs comes out (Wild West)
  • Tom Pritchard vs. Dirty White Boy (Continental)
  • Sound Off with Bonnie Blackstone
  • Soldat Ustinov vs. JT Southern (AWA)
  • Danger Zone- Paul E. explains how the OMX started
  • The Grappler vs. Mike Miller (Portland)
  • Tournament information with Jay French and Rick Stewart (Central States)
  • Rock and Roll Rebels vs. Prince Tapu & Russell Sapp (Central States)
  • Billy Graham gets attacked- Muraco saves (WWF)
  • Shandor Sabu vs. Roger Mackie (Mat Classic- 1959)
  • Eric Embry vs. Shaun Simpson- Texas stadium (WCCW)
  • PWI editorial with Bill Apter
  • Memphis Vice vs. Hector Guerrerro & Diablo (Memphis)
  • Carlos Colon vs. Kareem Mohammed (WWC)
  • Luna Vachon vs. Tiffany Crystal (POWW)
  • Wrestler of the Week- Don Muraco

Pro Wrestling This Week 12/12/87


  • Chris Adams vs. Al Perez (WCCW)
  • PWI editorial with Bill Apter
  • Jerry Lawler vs. Bobby Jaggers (Memphis)
  • WWF Ring Report
  • Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Jobber (WWF)
  • Fabulous Kangaroos & Dr. Jerry Graham vs. Antonino Rocca/Miguel Perez/Ricky Starr (Mat Classic- 1957)
  • Tom Pritchard vs. Black Assassin- Jonathan Boyd interferes (Continental)
  • Hiro Hase vs. Great Gama (Stampede)
  • Medusa vs. Candi Divine (AWA)
  • PWTW Ratings
  • The Assassin vs. Joey Jackson (Portland)
  • Steve Doll & Scott Peterson vs. Moondog Moretti & Joey Jackson (Portland)
  • Queen Kong vs. Liberty (POWW)
  • Sound Off with Bonnie Blackstone
  • Rufus R. Jones & Porkchop Cash vs. Akio Sato & Rick Patterson (Central States)
  • Samoans vs. Invaders (WWC)
  • NWA/UWF Ring Report
  • Ric Flair vs. Kerry Von Erich (Japan-1984)
  • Wrestler of the Week- Jerry Lawler

Pro Wrestling This Week 1/9/88


  • Wendi Richter vs. Debbie Combs (WWC Women's Title from Puerto Rico)
  • Owen Hart accepts PWI Rookie of the Year Award (from Calgary)
  • Harley Race vs. Klondike Bill (NWA Title Mat Classic from Calgary)
  • Scott Hall shuts Nate LaRant up (Memphis)
  • Scott Hall vs. Keith Eric (Memphis)
  • D.J. Peterson vs. "Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly (AWA)
  • Curt Hennig accepts PWI Most Improved Wrestler Award (AWA)
  • Paul E. Dangerously & Austin Idol interview (AWA)
  • Tommy "Wildfire" Rich vs. Randy Rose (SCW Georgia)
  • Danny Davis vs. Lord Humongous (Continental)
  • 1987 Year in Review "Best Hits" Music Video (WWF)
  • Art Barr vs. Joey Jackson (Portland)
  • Yukon Moose Cholak vs. Black Saint (WWA Detroit)
  • Kevin Von Erich, Chris Adams, & Steve Simpson vs. Terry Gordy, Buddy Roberts, & "Iceman" King Parsons (6 Man Tag Team Title from World Class)
  • Paul Boesch accepts the PWI Editors Award
  • Sound-Off with Bonnie Blackstone
  • New Spoiler vs. Bobby Durell (Wild West Wrestling)

Pro Wrestling This Week 1/16/88


  • Greg Gagne vs. Adrian Adonis -TV title tournament finals (AWA)
  • Bulldog Bob Brown vs. Dave Petersen (Central States)
  • Kerry Von Erich vs. Al Perez (WCCW- Cage match, Reunion Arena)
  • Craig DeGeorge gives the rundown of the first ever Royal Rumble (WWF)
  • Andre attacks Hulk Hogan on SNME (WWF)
  • Ted Dibiase offers to pay Andre to deliver him the WWF title (WWF)
  • Interview- Doug Furnas and Nightmare Danny Davis (Continental)
  • The Bullet (Bob Armstrong) vs. Gary Phelps (Continental)
  • Bill Apter PWI editorial
  • Dory Funk vs. Tony Atlas (WWC)
  • Karl Von Hess & Skull Murphy vs. Antonino Rocca & Miguel Perez (Mat Classic 1950's)
  • PWTW Ratings
  • Rip Oliver vs. Bryan Adams (Portland)
  • NWA Ring report
  • Lance Russel tries to break a pinata from Hector Guerrerro -Hilarious (Memphis)
  • "Lance's revenge"- has Jarrett nail Hector with 5 pounds of flour (Memphis)
  • Dick Slater vs. Jerry Blackwell (SCW Georgia)
  • Danger Zone with Paul E.
  • "Sound Off" with Bonnie Blackstone
  • Owen Hart & Jason the Terrible vs. Makhan Singh & Bad News Allen (Stampede)
  • Antonio Inoki vs. Riki Choshu (Japan)
  • Wrestler of the week- Greg Gagne

Pro Wrestling This Week 1/30/88


  • WWF Ring Report
  • Ken Patera & Billy Jack Haynes vs. jobbers (WWF)
  • Midnight Rockers vs. Original Midnight Express (AWA)
  • Danger Zone with Paul E.
  • Rip Oliver vs. Mike Miller- falls count anywhere (Portland)
  • Gordy and Adams confront Al Perez for title shot (WCCW)
  • PWI editorial with Bill Apter
  • Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Riki Choshu (Japan)
  • PWTW TV ratings
  • June Beyers vs. Betty Hawkins (Mat Classic 1958)
  • NWA Ring Report
  • Bruiser Brody vs. Goliath (SCW Georgia)
  • Great Gama & Jeff Portz vs. Biff Wellington & Mr. Hito (Stampede)
  • Dutch Mantell/Wendell Cooley contract signing (Continental)
  • Sound Off with Bonnie Blackstone
  • Dick Slater vs. Mike George (Central States)
  • Jeff Jarrett vs. Jimmy Jack Funk (Memphis)
  • Wrestler of the week- Mike George

Pro Wrestling This Week 2/6/88


  • Hugo Savinovich vs. The Professor (WWC)
  • Morris Zimmerman & Randy Rose vs. Tommy & Davey Rich (SCW Georgia)
  • Kevin Von Erich vs. Brian Adias (World Class)
  • Jake Roberts vs. Dusty Wolfe (WWF)
  • Manny Fernandez vs. Jimmy Jack Funk (Memphis)
  • Queen Kong vs. Bambi (PWOW)
  • Dutch Mantell/Wendell Cooley dueling promos (Continental)
  • battle royal (Wild West Wrestling)
  • Riki Choshu vs. Tatsumi Fujinami (New Japan)
  • Curt Hennig vs. Johnnie Stewart (AWA)
  • Jerry Blackwell promo (conducted by Bill Apter)
  • Ric Flair vs. Pat Rose ("classic match" from 1982)
  • the Grappler (Len Denton) vs. Mike Miller (Portland)
  • Paul E.'s Danger Zone with Bruiser Brody

Pro Wrestling This Week 2/13/88


  • Tommy Rich & Johnny Rich vs. Nightmare & Steve Lawler (SCW Georgia)
  • Dick Slater and Randy Rose attacking Tommy Rich, Bruiser Brody saves (SCW Georgia)
  • Paul E.'s Danger Zone talking about Brody
  • Recap of The Main Event twin referee angle (WWF)
  • Glamour Girls vs. Jumping Bomb Angels (WWF)
  • Jimmy Jack Funk vs. Jerry Lawler (Memphis)
  • Midnight Rockers vs. Jim Thomas & The Nomad (AWA)
  • Ric Flair vs. Bullet Bob Armstrong ("classic match" from 1986)
  • the Terrorist vs. Malibu (PWOW
  • Muhammad Ali vs. Buddy Wolfe (Vern Gagne is the ref)
  • Invaders vs. The Rebel & Assassin 1 (WWC)
  • Bill Apter promo
  • Rip Oliver & Charles Jackson vs. Steve Doll & Dave Peterson (Portland)
  • Terrible Ted (wrestling bear) vs. Tracey Smothers (Continental)
  • Eric Embry vs. Shaun Simpson (WCCW)

Pro Wrestling This Week 2/20/88


  • Von Erichs & Chris Adams vs. Angel of Death & Iceman Parsons & Buddy Roberts (WCCW) penalty box match)
  • Jack Tunney's announcement of WrestleMania IV tournament
  • Muhammad Ali vs. Buddy Wolfe (Vern Gagne is the ref, this was Ali's warm-up match preparing for Inoki)
  • Tommy Rich & Johnny Rich & Ricky Morton vs. Nightmare & Steve Lawler & Jim Bryan (SCW Georgia)
  • Paul E.'s Danger Zone with Ricky Morton
  • Mike George vs. Masahiro Chono (Central States)
  • Dick Slater promo conducted by Bill Apter
  • Adrian Adonis vs. Greg Gagne (AWA)
  • David Shawn Baxter & Davey Haskins vs. Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka (Pensacola, FL indy)
  • Luna Vachon attacking other PWOW women during a pageant
  • Debbie Combs vs. Wendi Richter (WWC)
  • Jeff Jarrett vs. Jerry Lawler (Memphis)
  • Bill Dundee attacking Jeff Jarrett (Memphis)
  • Grappler vs. Mike Miller (Portland)
  • Ric Flair vs. Bruiser Brody ("classic match" from Central States)

Pro Wrestling This Week 3/12/88


  • Chris Adams interview
  • Dutch Mantell vs. "Nightmare" Danny Davis (Continental)
  • Maxx Pain & Gorgeous Gary Young vs. Bruise Bros. (Memphis)
  • Kerry Brown vs. Mr. Ito (Stampede)
  • Scotty McGhee interview
  • The Stomper vs. Dan Kroffat (Stampede)
  • Stomper interview-Harley Race comes in
  • Wrestlemania IV Battle Royal Report
  • British Bulldogs vs. Jobbers (WWF)
  • Abdullah the Butcher & Randy Rose vs. Steve Prichard & Chic Donovan (SCW Georgia)
  • Kerry Von Erich, Al Perez, Terry Taylor, Chris Adams, & Terry Gordy brawl (WCCW)
  • Vinny Valentino vs. Ken Timms (Central States)
  • Mike Miller vs. Avalanche (Portland)
  • Bill Apter "Pro Wrestling Illustrated" Editorial
  • "Cowboy" Bob Orton vs. Billy Anderson (AWA)
  • Hurricane Castillo Jr. vs. Masked Professor (Puerto Rico)
  • Bambi vs. Queen Kong (Arm Wrestling from WWA/Philly)
  • Danger Zone with Paul E. Dangerously on the set of Pro Wrestling This Week

Pro Wrestling This Week TV 3/19/88


  • Al Perez vs Michael Hayes (WCCW)
  • Nina vs Sasha (POWW)
  • Sound Off with Bonnie Blackstone
  • Jim Duggan vs. Barry Horowitz (WWF)
  • Southern Boys vs Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden (Continental)
  • Ali Baba vs Wild Red Branigan (Mat Classic- 1953)
  • PWI Editorial with Bill Apter
  • Max Pain & Gary Young vs. Bruise Brothers (Memphis)
  • Grappler vs Mike Miller (Portland)
  • Super Ninja vs Invader- Cage match (WWC)
  • Bad Boy Brown vs Cowboy Lang (AWA)
  • Jeff Jarrett & Sugar Ray Lloyd vs Comrade Busich & Great Ninja (SCW Georgia)
  • Max Payne & Gary Young vs Bruise Brothers (Memphis)
  • Danger Zone
  • Leo Bruke vs Hasheb Khan (Stampede)
  • Masa Chono vs. Mike George (Central States)
  • Bob Holly vs Mike Boyette (Gulf Coast)
  • Wrestler of the Week: Nina

Pro Wrestling This Week TV 3/26/88


  • Danger Zone: Paul E. buys PWTW
  • Ted DiBiase vs Scott Casey (WWF)
  • PWI editor’s Poll: WM4 Tournament
  • Steve Simpson, Kerry & Kevin von Erich vs Buddy Roberts, Angel of Death & Iceman Parsons (WCCW)
  • Rip Rogers vs Chris Benoit (Stampede)
  • Greg Gagne vs Steve O (AWA)
  • Avalanche & Mike Golden vs Scott Peterson & Steve Doll (Portland)
  • Rocky Johnson vs Ron Starr (WWC)
  • Sound Off with Bonnie Blackstone
  • Executioner & Doug Somers vs Tommy Rich & Bruiser Brody (SCW Georgia)
  • Luna Vachon vs. Liberty (POWW)
  • Olga Baronoff vs Honka Kavetski (Mat Classic- 1957)
  • Interview- Paul E. Dangerously buys PWTW stock
  • Midnight Rockers vs Zebra Warriors (CWA)
  • Southern Boys vs California Bikers (Continental)
  • Wrestler of the Week: Greg Gagne